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Amazing view from Mars unanswered

See these images taken from the planet Mars years ago, but no one can be commented on or denied them and give the go-ahead.


In 1976, Viking probe that is arbitonte Mars often called the Red Planet, sent some photos on earth have left all scientists with mouth open and created a puzzle that even to this day is not yet resolved. Photos Vikingut were made ​​in a moment that the sun was very low in the sky of Mars and show a structure seen by far represents the face of a man. This structure is located in the region of Cydonias and is not the only one.

First picture that came was refuted as not correct and perhaps the result of any condition specified atomsferik. Then when the other picture following the first appearance was clear and at that moment began detailed analysis of the size and look that the picture presented. An altitude of more than 1500 feet from the surface and a stretch of some 2.5 km structure turned out to be impossible a result of erosion or any geological singles.

Measuring the distance between the indentation, self facial features, lips, eyes, nose, was very symmetrical and the probability that it will be of natural origin is 1 in 1 billion. Therefore impossible. Other photos made ​​in different positions confirmed the first.

Although the picture is not as clear as we see them again picture showing the human face in the rocky soil of Mars. But the surprises do not end there. While spacecraft orbiting the planet, other views and other structures began to emerge convincingly left for the People still appear in the image.

Around the so-called Face of Mars was already spotted several pyramid-shaped buildings with a distance and a magnitude as experts pane remembered for distance, form and astronomical positioning of the three pyramids in Egypt.

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