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Revealed the truth of the disaster Hindenburgut

Events like the sinking of the Titanic, the destruction of the Hindenburg, 9-11 and the recent Oil Rig can best be viewed as psy-ops designed to demoralize humanity and change commercial or political policy according to Illuminati need. There were 22 photographers present at 7 p.m. May 6, 1937 to film the Hindenburg's arrival This seems like overkill for an event which had already occurred 20 times in the previous year at the same field without incident. So why would this typical New Jersey airship landing require 22 separate photographers, five of whom were newsreel photographers? The Hindenburg was behind schedule by exactly 12 hours. It was supposed to land at 7 am. Both the captain and first officer admitted they were wary of a possible bomb attempt because of tensions with Germany. Sabotage was a serious possibility in those days, yet it was not to be mentioned by the press after the "accident". Everybody knows what supposedly happened. But not one of the photographers caught the actual "spark" that led to the "explosion". There was plenty of footage of a large fireball above the airship with a portion of the outer skin opened up. There was footage of the poor souls trying to get away from the burning wreckage. But no one caught the spark. It was the most extraordinary "missed-the-shot" photographic blunder of all time

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