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Belgian woman ends up in Zagreb after GPS failure

A 67-year-old woman from Hainaut Province in Wallonia (Belgium) left her home in Erquelinnes on 12 January to pick up a friend at the Brussels North Station, but arrived in Zagreb (Croatia) twelve hours later after using her GPS. A 40-minute trip, turned into a 12-hour journey (1,450km) across Germany and Austria. "I was absent-minded so I kept on putting my foot down”, Sabine Moureau told the daily Het Nieuwsblad. "I switched on the GPS and punched in the address. Then I started out. My GPS seemed a bit wonky. It sent me on several diversions and that's where it must have gone wrong”, explained Sabine, who was reported missing to the police by her son. "I saw tons of different signposts, first in French, later in German, but I kept on driving". She thought that something was going wrong, but she decided to sleep a few hours by the wayside and continue her trip. "It was only when I ended up in Zagreb that I realised I was no longer in Belgium”, she said. While she was on her unexpected tourist voyage, her friend arrived at Sabine's home and her son called the police. The Belgian authorities searched her home and were about to launch a full scale manhunt when she phoned to say she was in Zagreb. "Weird? Maybe, but I was just distracted and preoccupied," Moreau said.

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