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"Cheaters" love his own wife, but require something more

Dissatisfaction and bed routines are one of the most common reasons why men cheat, says writer and controversial British journalist Helen Croydon, in his book "The Sugar Daddy Diaries". It in this position who studied why men cheat their better half. Couples just need to find time for sex, as more orgasms that experience, the more they will want sex. If you have a problem, think of marriage counseling before they separate - advises Croydon. Due to demand obligations in other countries love After childbirth is often one of the partners feels neglected and unwanted because of the many obligations and busy schedule. Therefore we require love in other countries. Want to prevent this, the book every day from 15 minutes to themselves. Give time to each other, talk about what bothers you, but no reprimands. Attempt to find the solution that suits you you and your partner, adding Croydon. They lack romantic A large number of men admitted to still love his wife, but require something more. For most it has nothing to do with sex, but romantic and meetings. More than anything they want to feel again as if they have something, which was enjoyed. If you are in a situation of brick, try to "break" the monotony. Emit partners themselves and forget the romantic, but a simple dinner for two people and going to the dance, you can make dashuroheni again, explained Croydon. Health problems receive their partner as an excuse If one of the partners is ill, one can understand as a justification for marriage affair, the fact that their partner can not fulfill marital obligations, exempt from any sense of guilt. Some men even claim that their women have agreed to seek sexual fulfillment outside of marriage, but not emotional. In such a situation the key is to accept, even though the claim that they can afford it, this does not mean that it would feel cheated. Open connection can hardly work because someone will always suffer. Only once, before marriage Both men and women are often placed in short affair before marriage. So at least the February to keep their old identity and evidence that can still rely on someone. If you notice that your partner tormenting thought of loyalty to the end of life, try to talk to him. Make the most of its potential rather than to restrain sexual. Games hot, spicy sex bowels will make your sex life and would not seek entertainment elsewhere. When offered the case ... Many betrayal occur only due to random offer, for example in official trip. Believe that it will not find out who, but in most cases they have already thought about this, or have done earlier. In such a situation, if your partner is on official travel or work, do not call or check constantly. Greater control can push to do something, which will regret both. Instead, you should have in mind that also means trust and respect and there is no better remedy for treachery that it is respect, says Croydon.

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