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Earns 18 million playing 25 cents

A Finnish multiplied its revenues, after winning a full 18 million, playing with only 25 cents in an online gambling company. As published in the Spanish daily "AS", the young man placed a bet of 25 cents, in the "slot machine" Company "Paf" TCH broadcasts. In the next rotation, the car not only took three identical numbers, but those numbers appeared to provide bastexhiut big jackpot of 18 million euros. Such a figure automatically turned it in record holder "Guinness", bet with koficientin largest ever won online and the most amount earned 25 cents, with the previous one that was 12 million euro. In an interview to Finnish media, fatlumi explained that long playing with small bets, as his honor was the game and not the victory itself. "When Pasha amount that I had won, I started to cry and laugh at the same time," said Finnish millionaire already.

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