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Fails 107 times in patent test


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Misery of London is a 28-year-old unknown, which so far has spent 3,317 pounds trying 107 times to pass the theory test, which costs £ 31. Theory test must be met for 57 minutes and includes a lot of questions, from which 43 of 50 ought to respond correctly. It takes a minimum of 44 points out of 75 possible.
Failed-Motorists have them pass the two types of tests to continue the practice of the engine. A 40 year old keeps a record number of 37 failed attempts to pass the test of practice. It has cost him £ 2.294, money with which he could have bought a second hand car. Practice test costs 62 pounds in ordinary days of the week and £ 75 for the evening, weekends or holidays.
Machines with which it practices is designed to be safe for various types of roads and traffic conditions. An instructor autoshkollës expressed that the number of failed attempts is unusual, but that every man should take enough time to learn the car.

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