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Florida Man Falls & Disappears After Massive Sinkhole Opens Under Bedroom Where He’s Sleeping!

A Florida man screamed for help and disappeared as a large sinkhole opened up under the bedroom of a house, his brother said on Friday. The brother told rescue crews he heard a loud crash near midnight on Thursday, then heard his brother screaming. "When he got there, there was no bedroom left," the Hillsborough county fire rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico said. "There was no furniture. All he saw was a piece of the mattress sticking up." The brother called police and frantically tried to help. An arriving deputy had to pull him from the still-collapsing house. There has been no contact with the man who disappeared since then, and neighbours on both sides of the home have been evacuated. "We put engineering equipment into the sinkhole and didn't see anything compatible with life," Damico said. But she would not say that the man was presumed dead. Damico estimated that the sinkhole was about nine metres (30ft) across. "The entire house is on the sinkhole," she said. Janell Wheeler told the Tampa Bay Times she was inside the house with four other adults and a child when the sinkhole opened. "It sounded like a car hit my house," she said.

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