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Meteorite Celjabinskut in Russia is creates a legend


Every day that passes brings a new version of the attack on the Russian city cosmic Celjabinskut. There remain after scientists journalists and politicians. Is being discussed quite actively for universal plot, and even for testing a new weapon smart (intelligent).
But experts "Voice of Russia" argue that bolidi full surely has nothing to do in any way nor politics nor armaments. While you can make Celjabinskut region an excellent advertisement.
In Russian Internet meteorite that exploded over Celjabinsk became the main object of various jokes. The network is littered with collages and cartoons related to the theme of the stars in preparation falling smack in the center of the country's main defense industry. While Russians perceived danger threatening mood of the cosmos, the world media, by contrast, are trying to blow trumbetojne the largest version of global catastrophe. For example, U.S. scientists have estimated the power of the explosion of bolidit on Celjabinskut region with 20 atomic bombs. Estimates of the strength of the explosion are very different - shows Russian futurologu Sergei Moskaljov:

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