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Scientists discovered a giant meteorite crater in southern Australia


A new study reports the discovery of a 200-kilometre-wide (125-mile-wide) impact zone of a huge asteroid in southern Australian outback which represents the third largest asteroid impact site on the planet. This impact changed the face of the world forever about 300 million years ago. About 30,000-square kilometres of terrain were altered by some kind of shock. Based on calculations, this asteroid measured six-mile wide and the impact resulted in a huge seismic wave which literally destructed the Earth at a global scale. Of course this asteroid measuring 10 to 20 kilometres in diameter was a giant compared to the plunging meteor that exploded above Russia a week ago. Besides leaving a vast crater, now buried under more than three kilometres of sediment, it would have released huge amounts of dust and vapour that would have blanketed the Earth. Scientists believe this meteor was part of a cluster about 360 million years ago since many very large impacts occured at that time which caused mass extinction.

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