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The owner of the cat with five ears requires Tomcat with four ears

Voronezh, February 27 - scientist-geneticist from the Russian city of Voronezh, Vladimir Obrivkov, is the master of unique cat with five ears named Lluntia. Two main flap animal ears filled with the other two - in a position to reflect on the major, turned 180 degrees and the fifth-smallest. Cat putra also surprisingly large, site-leather bracelets, while in the lower eyelids - Redundant wool stamps, while resulting in absolutely healthy. Lluntia has a lot of fun to play, to walk with their back legs and crave herring. But it was not approaching foreign people, perhaps due to the fact that the first meeting with the scientist she was a shy cat road. Now Vladimir Obrivkov, reports ZR, wants to present his beloved cat with another sensational copy-cat with four ears by Vladivostoku (Russian Far East) to reproduce offspring with many ears.

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