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Woman who returned from the hereafter !!

Lianjiang, February 8 - While all voiced getting ready for the last apartment, a 101-year-old woke up and surprised asked why her house, there were so many people. They were there to mourn, but apparently not for long. This is the story of Peng Xiuhua, a widow living in Lianjiang city in China, which died 2-3 weeks ago, but only for a few hours. After he returned from the hereafter, old decided to see the positive side of death; she was pleased that there were so many people who loved and to be worrying about her departure from this world, reports AS. What's the most beautiful, she experienced also unique experience, was there "alive" at her funeral and apparently liked what he saw. "I'm a lucky woman. Not only saw how much people loved me, but thank God that I woke up in time, prior to end everything, "she said. Doctors still fail to explain what happened, but one thing is for sure, elderly will be in this world for a little while.

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